Course Bundle

18th May 2020

Each course in the Pandemic Studies Semester is either an artifacts course or a perspective course. A course bundle integrates one artifacts course and one perspective course into a combined academic experience.

In these bundled courses, students can explore COVID-19 through a variety of disciplinary perspectives—from history and anthropology to media studies and nanotechnology. At the same time, students will produce work through media of their choosing—from essays and 3D models to the production of equipment that can help essential workers on the front lines.

Take a look at the options below to build your course bundle and satisfy some of your degree requirements. In the process, you will gain new understanding about COVID-19, and find your voice to express your own perspective and document your own unique experience

In Artifacts courses students:

  • Create, design and present artifacts such as videos or photographic images reflecting the COVID-19 pandemic and a selected perspective.
  • Engage with other students producing the same types of artifacts while studying different perspectives.
  • Receive critique on assignments and a grade in the course from the Artifacts professor

In Perspective courses students:

  • Explores the COVID-19 pandemic from a perspective you choose, such as the Nanoscience or Anthropological.
  • Engage with other students producing different types of artifacts while studying the same perspective.
  • Receive evaluations on assignments and a grade in the course from the Perspective professor.
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