Agenda for Friday the 22nd of June

24th June 2018

Before we can look into UX styling details, here is what we need to figure out:

  1. What is the best way for JD, Jeremy, and Xavier to interact through Xememex?
  2. make sure that performance issues doesn't slow down JD while she is testing design options
  3. make sure that reading remains bearable, including on mobile
  4. When the reader adds a comment, how can we make the comment pop up know the highlighted text so that we can use the dropdown feature of the Editor? Or should we use the Editor Toolbar at all? See this screenshot.
  5. Can we devise a way to write and display content (in Active Reading Mode) both for ePubs converted with ePubble and books written natively in TW5?

We've already settled on the following design decisions.

Agenda for Wednesday the 25th of July

19th July 2018

Reading Mode is converging towards a final look. Active Reading still needs refinements with respect to the UX/UI of (the various forms of) annotations and the Search, plus implementation of the navigation history. Authoring Mode should look more like a standard Tiddlywiki.

Technical questions for Jeremy

  • In order to create some context for user searches (as well as for anchor the position of annotations within a tiddler), JD is looking for the kind of flexibility that regexps provide. Would it be worth/desirable to extend some string operators like splitbefore, prefix, suffix, maybe even removeprefix and removesuffix so that they take regexps as parameters instead of simple strings?
  • As long as annotating involves entering TW Edit Mode, the TiddlyWiki alert about editing a shadow tiddler is bound to appear since books are plugins (not only those generated by epub slicer). It would be nice to ponder how we can bypass this alert, at least in Active Reading Mode. JD suggests that:

    since plugins have a "plugin-type" field, and from my understanding there are only two choices right now, "plugin", and "theme".. maybe we can suggest for another: "book", that has its own rules, like hiding shadow-edit alert? I looked around the JS involved in the edit button ("tm-edit-tiddler" message) and saw that the alert is called from within it. This is something I can't wiki-syntax or style around.

  • We need a control that would help the reader to jump through her/his reading history. Can we see a natural way to do this or should DynaView be extended?
  • Are the metadata described in epub-slicer formats already available for JD to use?

We've already settled on the following design decisions.

Jeremy's Minutes from Friday 22nd of June

30th June 2018

JD's m.o.m. 2018/06/22

23rd June 2018

active reading 2.0

  • simpler editor toolbar in active reading mode
  • better way to indicate current mode (Active Reading or Authoring)

Highlight / comment example screenshot

22nd June 2018